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Natural House Cleaning Checklist for Deep Cleaning | Wellness Mama

I’ve written many times about all-natural cleaning methods without the use of chemicals. Now to check off something that’s been on my list for a while: a complete cleaning checklist for the whole house!

Sometimes it’s hard to get the motivation (or time) to take on deep cleaning, but the one time of year most of us feel like tackling it is when spring finally arrives and the weather warms up.

So throw open the windows, print out this list, and let the dirt, dust, and toxins be gone!

My Spring Cleaning/Deep Cleaning Checklist

To get started, I created a room cleaning checklist and printed it out to keep in protective binder sheets (tape the top closed). I use these for reference (nothing motivates like checking something off!) and the kids can also use them to clean each room. In case you want to do this too, I’ve shared a free printable at the bottom of this post.

Living Areas

Note: Vinegar is a natural and economical cleaner, but if you don’t like the smell of vinegar (confession: I really don’t!), substitute with a pre-made natural cleaner. Branch Basics is my current favorite because it’s very safe, ultra-concentrated to cut down on plastic packaging, and works for everything in the house (bathrooms, glass, walls, wood floors, hand soap, and even laundry). I’ve included some other products I like in the resources below.

Now back to the list…


Other tips for creating a sleep-inducing natural bedroom here.



Laundry Room/Area

You can also download this free printable reference sheet for treating laundry stains naturally. I keep it hanging next to my washing machine for reference.

My Minimalist Natural Cleaning Closet

Confession time: If you ever wonder how I do it all, well… I don’t. (Do any of us?) It’s all about priorities!

I routinely make my own elderberry syrup, cook almost all of our food from scratch, and am always itching to work on my latest DIY project… but I did stop making my own green cleaners long ago. Why?

Well, life is busier with older kids, a podcast, and a business. Plus there are so many better options on the market now than there were when I started blogging. (Thank goodness!) I’ve also worked hard on simplifying our belonging and systems and prefer to use one natural cleaner concentrate that works for the whole house.

Here’s a quick roundup of my current natural cleaning favorites:

And the printable Deep Cleaning Checklist I mentioned? Download it for free here, or check out my complete Home Organization Binder printables with blank room cleaning templates you can customize.

Happy spring cleaning!

What did I miss? Do you have a cleaning checklist? Share below!

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