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Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy | Wellness Mama

Spending time outdoors has its advantages: fresh air, sunshine, and exercise have numerous health benefits. But being outdoors does expose you to some unpleasant elements. Should you come into contact with poison ivy, you have my sympathy! While it is notoriously tough to beat but it is possible to stop poison[…]

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What Is Homeopathy (& Is It Safe?) | Wellness Mama

We always used homeopathic teething remedies for our kids, and they certainly seemed to help. But outside of teething, many people don’t understand the wider range of homeopathic remedies and wonder if they really work. And I can’t blame them… the truth is, homeopathic medicine is a little confusing! I did[…]

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10 Simple Steps Toward a Zero-Waste Home | Wellness Mama

It’s clear that plastic is becoming a huge problem in our society and environment. As consumers, it can sometimes feel like there’s nothing we can do to stem the flow of single-use products onto the market (and then into the landfill). The zero-waste movement is one way we can make[…]

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Grilling Recipes + Tips for Healthy Grilling | Wellness Mama

I’m a fan of summer. The beach, the outdoors, more sunshine… not to mention backyard cookouts featuring our favorite mouth-watering BBQ on the grill. While I love a good barbecue (I am a Southern girl, after all), grilling recipes don’t always make for the healthiest meal. For one, most of[…]

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