4 healthy Valentine’s Day recipes

Save yourself from the crowds, upped prices, hoards of couples and general Valentine’s Day mania, and have an intimate utterly private dinner date at home instead. There’s nothing more romantic than preparing a specially made meal for your significant other, in a tranquil and relaxed environment. There’s no better way[…]

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Do you really understand diabetes? Over 370 million people have it

Diabetes: Let’s consider that this disease affects approximately 370 million people worldwide and many people across the globe remain undiagnosed. There are definitely some misconstrued ideas when it comes to the condition so we are here to set a few things straight. What is Diabetes? When blood glucose, also called[…]

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What do our dreams really signify? Does dream therapy really work?

Let’s take a look at the history and theory behind dream analysis and its use within various therapies. Many researchers believe that dreams are nothing more than unconscious material which is purely a biological phenomena and has no standing or symbolic meaning. However, dream analysis and its use within psychotherapy[…]

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The truth behind the all-star avocado

Sick of the sight of avocados? The media is saturated with the pear shaped berry which contains that monounsaturated fat. However, if you really look into what the avocado does for you it becomes blatantly clear why it has maintained its position as the all-star of the produce world. Avocado[…]

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Beautiful little buckwheat – benefits and best recipes

Popular opinion would have you believing buckwheat is a healthy whole grain. And though you’d be correct about it being healthy, it’s actually a seed, not a grain. This seed is chocked full of protein, fibre and nutrients, and has helped prevent diabetes and ease digestive disorders. Buckwheat seeds, also[…]

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A look at our anatomy and how we keep ourselves in balance

The function of balance for us humans is imperative and often something taken for granted. If our balance is impaired we may obviously become unstable but symptoms that accompany the unsteadiness can include dizziness, vertigo, hearing and vision problems, and difficulty with concentration and memory. If we understand the connection[…]

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