The rise of Insta-fitness: the top 10 fitness trainers on Instagram

We have seen mountains of health-conscious fads and trends come and go, but since the 2010s hit, fitness is high on mainstream priority, as is social media, giving rise to today’s fitness inspiration being fiercely led by Instagram. It is one of the easiest platforms for a fitness trainer to reach out to the widest audience and be able to connect by way of video, images and stories linking directly back to their own sites, products and programmes. The intention being to create an arena whereby followers can be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle and reach their own fitness goals.

There are fitness trainers on Instagram who have gained such an incredible number of followers they reach celebrity status, many of whom go on to become entrepreneurs developing their own brands and companies within the industry, not to mention the endorsements they achieve! Whether it be yoga, gym workouts, or a new anachronism which they’ve developed themselves (such as Kayla Insigne’s BBG – ‘bikini body guide’) it is where to turn to see what the latest trends are in the fitness world; the following are the top ten most successful fitness trainers on Instagram, how many followers they have, their net worth and how they’ve become so intensely, globally admired.

1. Kayla Itsines, 25

@kayla_itsines  11.4 million followers.

Net Worth: (combined with her partner) $428 million!

Kayla Itsines is an Australian fitness trainer who developed a series of ebooks concentrating on BBG – Bikini Body Guides and her fitness platform “Sweat With Kayla” has delivered her to fitness guru status. Since she began her journey in 2008, Kayla has become one of the most influential names in fitness throughout the world selling out stadiums in record time. She is currently 38 weeks pregnant and has continued to document her fitness routine throughout the pregnancy, an encouragement to all those expecting to continue to workout safely. Her Instagram page depicts her personally performing snippets of her workouts, selfies of her, and also real clients of hers who send in before and after pictures of themselves having taken on her fitness programmes. She takes a personal approach ’speaking’ to her followers as though they’re friends, talks about home life, relationships and family as well as training and work life.

2. Rachel Brathen, 28

@yoga_girl – 2.1 million followers.

Net Worth: $1 million.

Yoga and lifestyle is the basis of Rachel’s Instagram page, with photos of herself, her child, different yoga poses, yoga stretches and practices, and general day to day life shots, her page is approachable and informal, fun-loving and friendly. She looks well and is promoting wellness! As well as being a social media yoga guru she has written a New York Times bestseller “Yoga Girl”, bearing the same name as her social media accounts. Rachel is Swedish and based in Aruba.

3. Natalie Jill, 47

@nataliejillfit – 472 thousand followers.

Net Worth: $1 million.

Natalie, founder of Natalie Jill Fitness is a professional fitness trainer; she has a degree in Health and Human Performance and is a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer. The list of her certification and qualifications goes on; she is one of the most decorated fitness gurus out there! Her Instagram page is fun and friendly mostly about her in action – workouts that is, and posing in outfits but also promoting healthy foods, positive quotes and mindset plus different ways to enjoy your fitness.

4. Lyzabeth Lopez, 38

@lyzabethlopez – 2 million followers

Net Worth: $1 million.

Lyzabeth, award winning master trainer, holistic nutritionist, creator of the hourglass workout is all about booty building. She recently had a child which is fully documented on her instagram page as is her wildly muscular and curvaceous body. Her promise is to help you build the body you want; women of all sizes can cinch their waste, build their curves and transform. Her programs also offer vegan, vegetarian and hypothyroid plans as she uses her holistic nutrition background to help people attain the best diet for them. Her background is Venezuelan, Israeli, Italian and her bubbly personality and passion has gained her a huge following in the health and fitness industry.

5. Simeon Panda, 33

@simeonpanda – 5.1 million followers.

Net Worth – $1 million.

Simeon is a British bodybuilder turned entrepreneur with his own clothing brand and sportswear company. He began lifting at 16 with the desire to increase his slight size and ‘bulk up’. From here his love of bodybuilding developed. He researched into the body’s anatomy and muscle groups and continues his mission to improve his physique. As his strength and knowledge built he felt he wanted to share it and so advises on lifting and diet. His Instagram page is predominantly visuals of him and his body (more often than not wearing his own brands of clothing, or not much at all) lifting or working out in the gym or out and about. His wish is to inspire people to reach their goals and to work at them.

6. Cassey Ho, 32

@blogilates – 1.5 million followers.

Net Worth: $2 million.

Cassey began her fitness instructing life as a Pilates teacher, and via outlets such as Instagram has become an American social media entrepreneur in the fitness world having founded @popflex_active, @poppilatesofficial, @piit28official & @puppiesplanksfest. Her goal is to promote an overall healthy lifestyle and body image as well as maintaining her role as a Pilates instructor.

7. Joe Wicks, 31

@thebodycoach – 2.6 million followers.

Net Worth: 14.5 million GBP.

Joe Wicks, aka ‘The Body Coach’ is a British cook, fitness coach and TV presenter who’s 15 minute meals and short intense High Intensity Interval Training, or HIT for short, workouts shot him to fame. It all began by him posting 15 second long recipe videos on Instagram which led to him publishing a whole range of nutrition and training inspired cookbooks. Joe’s Instagram page depicts some of his personal life, including his first child, recipes, clients’ before and after photos, and workouts.

8. Michelle Lewin, 31

@michelle_lewin  13.4 million followers.

Net Worth: $4 million.

Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan body builder. She has gone from working in a local clinic to becoming a huge fitness star; part fitness model, part body-builder, part bikini model you may have seen her on the cover of Sports & Fitness or Iron Man magazines. She focusses on workouts, nutrition, and finding your own plan to suit you and your goals. She also endorses a plethora of products, making her one of the Forbes top ten list of influential fitness women.

9. Emily Skye, 34

@emilyskyefit – 2.4 million followers.

Net Worth: $30 million.

Emily is an Australian fitness guru and healthy lifestyle ambassador who has worked very hard to achieve her own personal fitness having weighed an unhealthy 47kg not so many years ago. She now has an incredible following having turned her life from being an unhappy model to super strong superstar and wishing to share her knowledge, and journey, with the world. Good diet and cardio has turned her life from being an unhealthy, depressed, ‘thin-obsessed’ model to a full power world-renowned fitness star promoting strength and positivity.

10. Jennifer Selter, 25

@jenselter – 12.7 million followers.

Net Worth: $4 million.

Jennifer began her fitness career working the front desk at her local gym. She now runs seven instagram accounts including her personal one which is solely based on photos and videos of her trying out workouts, trying on bikinis, wearing different outfits in different settings around the world. She is now an internet celebrity and fitness model with an insane amount of followers. She is an entrepreneur who gained huge media attention at a young age through the social media platforms.

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