Healthy holiday Snacks! Fun in the kitchen for whole the family

Over the festive season a lot of rules go out the window and we all indulge a little more than usual. To try and maintain a healthy diet becomes a challenge, as does keeping children entertained over the holidays. These no bake recipes are so simple and fun, the whole family will love making them AND eating them. Added bonus; they’re healthy treats. Win-win!

Healthy Holiday Snacks Nº1

Cheese Trees

Enlist the help of little ones in decorating these festive cheese wedges with finely chopped broccoli flowers, ground nuts and salty chilli flakes (or create your own sprinkles to suit taste) for a pre-dinner treat. Arrange in a halved watermelon (flesh scooped out, skin side up) to display. Go for your favourite cheese, a gentle Manchego would be great for this.

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Healthy Holiday Snacks Nº2

Frosty Sandwiches

If you have a collection of children appearing this Christmas, they’ll all love to sit down to these adorable snowman sandwiches with a carrot for a nose, a red pepper scarf and cucumber top hat. You just need a circular cookie cutter to make the sandwich circular and add their favourite fillings.

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Healthy Holiday Snacks Nº3

Grinch Skewers

Avoid a Christmas filled with refined sugar-filled treats like cookies and candies. Try these Grinch-inspired fruit skewers for a healthy alternative. Take a toothpick, slide on a green grape, a slice of banana, a capped strawberry and a teeny marshmallow (or substitute with a small piece of banana to go über-healthy) et voila.

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Healthy Holiday Snacks Nº4


Take some hard-boiled eggs, carrot slices, a sprig of parsley and hold them together with a piece of uncooked pasta to make these adorable little ‘snowmen’. You could use whole cloves or peppercorns for the eyes and buttons.

Healthy Holiday Snacks Nº5

Little Crackers

We love these: sun-dried tomato hats and cheese beards, and a couple of peppercorn eyes, turn any ordinary ritz-style cracker into adorable mini Santas.

Healthy Holiday Snacks Nº6

Watermelon Pine Forest

These vibrant watermelon trees are so easy to make I can’t believe I haven’t tried these before! All you need is a juicy, ripe watermelon and some to decorate. They look adorable all arranged on a platter amidst a Christmas buffet.

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Healthy Holiday Snacks Nº7

Banana Snowmen

Looking for a festive breakfast? Serve up these banana, strawberry, carrot (nose), and grape snowmen, all you need is a long wooden skewer to hold it all together.

Strawberry Santas

With a strawberry hat and cream cheese beard (to hold it all together), these holiday treats are super cute and fun to eat. You can use little choc-drops as eyes.

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