What Is Homeopathy (& Is It Safe?) | Wellness Mama

We always used homeopathic teething remedies for our kids, and they certainly seemed to help. But outside of teething, many people don’t understand the wider range of homeopathic remedies and wonder if they really work. And I can’t blame them… the truth is, homeopathic medicine is a little confusing! I did[…]

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The truth behind the all-star avocado

Sick of the sight of avocados? The media is saturated with the pear shaped berry which contains that monounsaturated fat. However, if you really look into what the avocado does for you it becomes blatantly clear why it has maintained its position as the all-star of the produce world. Avocado[…]

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A Letter to Ms. Judy Faulkner & Mr. Tommy Thompson

By GRACE CORDOVANO PhD, BCPA Being a patient or a carepartner can be a lonely, powerless place. There’s no high powered legal or lobbying team to help support you in your or your loved one’s health care journey. There’s no PR team at your beck and call. There’s no advisory[…]

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